COVID 19 deaths in Somerset

Last Friday the Office for National Statistics produced figures by local authority for deaths from COVID 19. There have been some concerns over the accuracy of this data, but for now it is what we have. And it is clear that a genuine attempt is being made to get it as complete as possible.

These showed a total of 64 deaths in Somerset split as follows:

  • Hospitals 42
  • Care Homes 18
  • Hospice 2
  • At Home 1
  • Other 1

Whilst the deaths are a source of great sadness, and our sympathies go out to everyone who has lost friends and family, they remain low at 11.5 per 100,000 population. How does that compare around the world? The figures are not always easy to compare. Different countries count deaths in different ways. Some are more complete than others.

But with that caveat, here’s a chart that puts the situation in Somerset into perspective:


  • I don’t believe Iran’s figures for a nanosecond and Germany reports in a different way to us . The only measure is going to be when it’s all over and we see how many more have died than in a rolling 5 year average.

    • As of today (VE day) Germany has 88 deaths per 1m of population, whereas the UK has 451 deaths per 1m of population.

      I don’t think any counting discrepancy can account for Germany’s significantly better performance in the key areas of testing and tracing (where the UK has outsourced those core services to companies with past poor records like Serco,G4S,Sodexo etc).

      The overlooking of care homes by all with a responsibility (nationally in quangos like the CQC, PHE and locally by the County Council) has left reservoirs of infection right across communities that has now cost the economy another 3 weeks of lockdown. That isn’t hindsight on my part either (I raised care home concerns with local leaders 6 weeks ago – based on frightened staff reports back to their Trade Unions).

      In the UK this is what success looks like then?

  • I would really like to see a marker line drawn on each amount, which would show the normal death rate per the same period from previous years.

  • An important statistic that is not appearing in much analysis is the percentage of cases that end as fatalities: 13% in the UK, 3% in Germany.

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