More Somerset Care Homes get virus

We last reported on the COVID 19 virus in care homes in Somerset on 17th April. At the time 27 care homes in our county had, or had had, the virus. And that number appeared to be accelerating. It had been 17 just a few days earlier.

At their weekly briefing to councillors, Somerset County Council revealed two interesting facts. The number of care homes with the infection, present and past, now stands at 32.

Not a massive increase on the number 2 weeks ago.

Secondly they have confirmed that the number of cases in care homes (and the number of homes with the virus) appears to be static. Which would suggest that some of the actions taken, including sourcing PPE centrally via the NHS are working better.

It is also worth noting for context that there are 387 care homes in Somerset so the total that have experienced the virus (at least as far as is known) is still under 10% of the total.


  • The reason it’s rising in care homes is because Musgrove is sending patients out that have had it without waiting for the results of a follow up test. All this social isolating is pointless for my family if my wife is exposed to it in her care home whilst at work. Where PPE is still an absolute joke. Where other residents are exposed to this poor individual who still has it after his results came back still positive 48hrs after being sent back to the home.

    • At present we have heard one or two isolated stories like this. We would welcome other reports of problems in care homes or as in this case, the protocol for releasing patients from hospital not being followed. If we can get enough examples, ie we can show it is a systematic failure, not an isolated incident, we will take it to the NHS and ask them to comment and correct the situation.

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