An old friend returns

There’s nothing like a virus is there? We are all locked inside and the one thing fraudsters and scammers can rely on is we’ll all have a screen or three on the go in every household.

And so along with the novel and innovative, a few “old friends” are coming back. If you thought the 419 scam was dead think again. Loads of people are rediscovering secret bank accounts in African countries loaded with millions of corrupt money. All you have to do is provide account details and they’ll give you 40% of the loot.

It was named the 419 scam after the Nigerian Police Team dealing with the scams many of which originated in Nigeria and used Amsterdam as the hub for collecting (your) cash (see below).


Yet people do fall for it and have fallen for it. The basis of the scam is eventually you’ll be asked for a relatively small amount of money to release the ill-gotten gains.

This is a scam, that had largely vanished in recent years but of late we know it is resurfacing in Somerset so beware. Here is a current example received at Leveller Towers:

Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Nathan, I worked for a bank but i have since stopped due to this project. I wish to place your name as the beneficiary to ($5,500,000) due to the death of the depositor who died without any heirs. I assure you that this transaction will be executed in a manner that will protect you from any breach of the law both in your country and here.

I am requesting your collaboration with me, the fund will be released to you in a security volt company. Kindly revert back with the following details for my attorney to start processing vital    l   e   g   a   l    documents:

6)Occupation Status:

Please note that my share of this fund will be sixty (60) percent and I intend that you invest it in your country real estate on my behalf.

Awaiting your quick response,

You may keep the re.maining forty (40) percent for yourself. I want you to know this transaction will be directed by me through the help of my lawyer; it will help us secure all vital documents that will support your nomination as the As the true beneficiary to the said fund, fund will be released in your favor at the security volt company where the fund is kept as consignment. What I require from you now is complete trust and honesty.


Please remember that if anything looks too good to be true – then it always will be.

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