No safe haven says Chief Constable

Andy Marsh, Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset Police released a statement today. In it he seeks to reassure the public that “we’re more determined than ever not to let criminals use this unprecedented situation to their advantage. This is very much the case in Avon and Somerset and throughout the lockdown period we’ve continued to proactively target criminals involved in corrosive and harmful offending, including county lines activity, drug-dealing, burglaries and robberies.

He went on to note that officers are patrolling as usual and their “painstaking and tireless work is disrupting and thwarting criminals on a daily basis and we’re making arrests and wherever possible, putting cases before the courts.”

We certainly have seen new scams coming to the for in the past few weeks, and some reiterations of old ones notably criminals posing as council workers or NHS staff to gain entry into people’s homes, and someone taking advantage of a building site deserted during the pandemic in Chard as an opportunity to remove some of the materials on site. Then there is curfew breaking such as joy riding through the Cheddar Gorge. And routine police work such as a major drugs bust in Minehead last week.

The message from the Chief Constable is that the Police are adapting as rapidly as the criminals and that there is no obvious increase in the risk to public safety from criminal activity during the pandemic to date.

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