Bridgwater 2020 Carnival cancelled

The 2020 Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival has had to be cancelled. It is one of Somerset’s best loved annual events, and one of the biggest traditional carnivals in Europe. The 2021 Carnival will go ahead as usual.

The Bridgwater Carnival usually takes place in the first week of November. However much of the preparation, pre carnival shows and the fund raising happens in the summer months.
Discussions between the Carnival Committee, entrants, and authorities have been taking place over the ever changing COVID 19 threat in the UK.

In the end it was unanimously agreed that safety and public health has to be the number one priority. Cancellation was the only realistic option.

The 2020 carnival concerts and the ‘Grand Firework Display’ held on the evening before the carnival procession have also been postponed.

Mike Crocker, President for Bridgwater Guy Fawkes Carnival, explains “It is highly unlikely that any large gatherings of people will be allowed until there is a vaccination for COVID-19, and when this is combined with the ongoing social distancing arrangements which will remain in place for some considerable time yet, there is very little chance of the carnival committee and the entries of being able to raise the necessary monies
needed to put on such a spectacular event.

We have yet to hear from carnivals on the circuits in South Somerset and the others on the Guy Fawkes circuit. Bridgwater is one of the last on the schedule so it seems unlikely that many others will be able to continue. We’ll keep you posted.

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