Mendip say – not in our backyard

Across the country there has been a bit of an outcry at the increase in flytipping. This is put down to a combination of people locked down at home and the closure of all the local recycling centres. These take waste that the binmen (who are still very much at work) would not take.

However Mendip District Coucnil insist this is not a problem – at least in the north east corner of Somerset. A statement from the council says only “Comparing March 2019 and March 2020, there is about a 10% uplift on the number of fly tipping incidents, however when taking into account the snow last March, would account for the uplift on fly tips. At present, we do not believe the statistics show any perceived problems with increased fly-tipping from our experience in Mendip.

Whilst acknowledging the concerns from elsewhere the council suggest the increase in flytipping in Somerset is anecdotal only and not backed by the figures.

We’d love to hear from you if you feel this is on message or wide of the mark….

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