Historic Wookey sign stolen

I suspect it is not so much “a sign of the times” but too many people with too little to do.

It is nonetheless sad to report that the sign warning that ‘this road is not suitable for charabancs’ has been stolen. the sign was removed from its post near Wookey Hole Caves.

Owned by the Caves, it is believed to date back nearly a century. It advised
early coach parties to the attraction to avoid attempting the scenic route
home via the narrow, winding lane to Deer Leap and Priddy.

Since then it has become something of a bit of history.

Village and St Cuthbert Without Councillor, Paul Cannon hopes the sign will be returned. “I suspect it was taken as a prank by somebody with, understandably, too much time on their hands. If they return it to the Caves, as far as I’m concerned that would be an end to the matter.

Let us hope this is not too much of an optimistic point of view and his faith in humanity is rewarded.


  • I was recently (October 2022) on the Deer leap road and because of its absence I recalled the sign from my youth in the sixties ( I transplanted to the US in the seventies) did the sign ever resurface and are there other examples of the sign in the UK or was this a unique example?

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