Bridgwater leaflet campaign

One of the big concerns around life during the lockdown, is that people may be missed. In our lead article in April (All The LOnely People) we noted that without any master list of vulnerable people, the onus is on the public not the authorities to find and support them.

Bridgwater Town Councillor Leigh Redman took the matter further by asking the town council for a leaflet drop. The council agreed and will organise 20,000 leaflets. One to be dropped to every household in the town.

Cllr Redman explains “The homes of those most vulnerable should be contacted by Sedgemoor staff, if they have their details, checking if they need any additional support. I live in Hamp and know that there are a number of self sufficient members of our community who may not appear on those lists, it’s not just the old person or disabled that think they can manage, when you think that this could be the case in every community across Bridgwater, the numbers that may be missed grows, when you factor in to this that they may not have internet or access to social media, I recognised that there are going to be some that might be missed.

The concern behind this is that we might get to week 6 of the lockdown and find someone who has been missed. The leaflet will explain what is available, tell residents about the ‘one Somerset number’ to access council services and offer individual support as well as asking every resident to check their neighbours and refer them for help if required.

Yes we have to apply social distancing but there is no reason not to check on that lovely old lady down the road or that person who lives alone, or even that young family you’ve not seen for a while. You might be the first contact they have had in weeks. Knock and step back, maintain the social distancing, but make sure all is well.

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