23 Somerset care homes impacted by virus

Stop Press: Somerset County Council official update published this evening suggests the number of carehomes that have or had infections now stands at 27.

It is inevitable that with things moving as rapidly as they are, 24 hours is a long time. Enough to make yesterday’s information seem completely out of date.

We reported yesterday (16 April) that 17 care homes in Somerset have had or currently have cornona virus outbreaks.

Today we have spoken to Somerset County Council who confirmed that number is now 23.

SCC still holds to a policy of not saying which homes have the virus.

However what is helpful is that they have pointed out that the 23 that have had or hav ethe virus, is only 7% of the total care home estate in the county.

This does provide context. But we understand will not be much consolation for those who have loved ones in whichever care homes have the virus.

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