Bridgwater problems are not untypical

Over the course of the weekend staff at Bridgwater Community Hospital contacted The Leveller®. They were concerned about a number of issues at the hospital.

Specifically that

  • a) there are several patients there with the virus
  • b) staff cannot get enough PPE to protect themselves
  • c) A specific concern over eye protection had been identified
  • d) there has been a problem getting staff tested and of the few who had been, a number have been tested positive.

We have been trying since then to get a response from the Somerset CCG. they are understandably inundated with press enquiries.

However having identified issues at a specific hospital, the CCG are telling us that they “don’t comment on which hospitals have patients with COVID-19, but we can confirm that patients with COVID-19 are being cared for at hospitals across Somerset, including community hospitals.”

Official figures today put the number of confirmed cases across the whole county at 233.

In a press statement to The Leveller® Somerset CCG told us “At this challenging time, we are doing all we can to support our local health and care organisations in sourcing of as much personal protective equipment for their teams as possible. We are in daily contact with them and are not aware of any issues.

“Of course, we recognise that supplies of PPE are in extremely high demand and we would like to reassure our teams on the frontline that we remain in constant contact with those in the supply chain to highlight any shortages and make urgent requests for further equipment.”

One comment

  • As there is a triage system in assessing which patients will receive priority care, so there seems to be a similar triaging of equipment supplies.

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