April Leveller – Get your copy right here!

This month, because of the COVID-19 crisis we know many of our readers will not be able to get out to get a copy of The Leveller. So we are offering you four ways to get a copy!

Download your own

If you’d like to read it as a pdf which you can download onto your own laptop or portable device, please click on the download below.

View it on ISSU

Alternatively, we have set up a version using ISSUU where you can read the paper with page turning software, so its a bit like the real thing. You will need to use the magnification tool. You can get the page turning version of The Leveller here:


To navigate you can press the arrows that appear to the right and left of each page and at the bottom of the page you’ll find a “-” and “+” key to magnify each page. One you have magnified to a point where you can read the text, drag the page using your mouse to be able to move up and down the page.

Please note: you cannot download this particular version. Not because, as ISSUU say, we don’t want you to. But because we didn’t agree to pay ISSUU a small fortune every month for the privilege.

Pick up a copy

Yes we have managed to get hard copy of our paper out to nearly every town we usually deliver to. This has not been easy as many of our usual outlets are closed.

So a big thanks you to the newsagents and food stores that have helped us by taking The Leveller this month. We have been posting on our Facebook pages all the stores where you can pick up a copy in each community we serve.

But if you do, then please:

  • Make the journey as part of a shopping trip and don’t make an extra trip out
  • Buy something from the retailer who you pick it up from
  • Ask a friend or neighbour if you can get them a copy too to save them making an extra journey
  • Remember to support our advertisers. they are local businesses whose income allows us to get the paper to you for free…..


Of course we’d be delighted to sell you a subscription to support the paper. You get the luxury of it being delivered to your door.

If you’d like to buy a subscription you can do so here: https://leveller.live/subscriptions/

But it does cost and we won’t be offended if you prefer to get it from one of the free sources listed above!

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