COVID-19 cases in Somerset

Today, for the first time the number of COVID-19 cases recorded in Somerset rose above the 100 mark.

We should caveat the fact that these numbers are only known cases. That in turn is a reflection of the numbers who have been tested and as yet only a tiny % of UK citizens have been tested.

NHS England report that Somerset has 114 cases and neighbouring Wiltshire 154.

With (thankfully) such small numbers involved all we can say is that the number of cases is running at a much lower level than in the rest of country. The Somerset infection rate is running at around one quarter of the rate for the rest of the UK, Wiltshire is similar.

To date there have been 6 deaths from the virus in Musgrove Hospital, Taunton, 3 in Yeovil District Hospital and two in the case of Somerset Partnership NHS Trust (source NHS England).

Even then we would have to say that this is perhaps because fewer people are being tested in Somerset.

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