SSDC start paying out this week

We have been critical of SSDC over the past months for things that do not appear to be done well. So it is not without some pleasure that we can write positively about them today.

SSDC were the first District Council in Somerset to get a form online to help business sign up for the grants provided by Central Government to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

And today they have confirmed that the first grants will be paid out this week.

Bear in mind that we have yet to hear from Mendip and Sedgemoor only set their page up this morning. SSDC tell us that 600 out of some 3,000 businesses in the District have already been in touch.

So businesses in South Somerset appear to be being well served in a time of need. Council Leader Val Keitch said: “This is clearly a challenging time for all businesses and at South Somerset District Council we are committed to doing all we can to support businesses through the current crisis.  We are in regular conversations with the Government concerning all aspects of the coronavirus and its impacts including on businesses. We are keen to hear from local businesses to find out if there is any more assistance you think we, Government or other agencies should be providing.


  • Do we have any of the council tax returned

    • I shouldn’t think so as most of these grants are for small businesses who don’t pay rates. Businesses that are entitled to rates relief will get relief from this month by either not paying rates or paying reduced amounts of rates.

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