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This year, our 10th was to be a cause of celebration and we were looking forward to marking our success in some style.

Instead of which we find ourselves on a knife-edge between survival and extinction.

We have until now depended entirely on advertising to survive. But many of the small local businesses that used The Leveller® are themselves threatened.

We got our March edition out successfully. Since then we have watched helplessly as government has told business after business to shut up shop. That has hurt them and inevitably we in turn have been hit with a stream of cancelled adverts.

We have had other challenges in the last ten years and we have been sustained by our advertisers many of whom have stayed with us. They have been incredibly loyal and we are so grateful to them.

Yet today the need for The Leveller® is as great as ever. Since the beginning in 2010, this paper has been brought to you free. All our work has been funded by advertising.

Can you help?
Now I am asking you if you, our readers can help us.

If every other reader of The Leveller® subscribed for a copy we could secure our future until we get to the other side of the Coronavirus crisis.

Our subscriptions cost £30 for which we will post a copy every month to you at your home address.

I accept this is not as good as getting a free newspaper with real content. But to sustain what we do, to ask the awkward questions that simply were not being asked before we came along, in short to hold local authority to account.

We can continue to deliver for you, but now we need your help to continue to do that. If you feel able to subscribe – you can find all the information here: Subscription form 

If you prefer the more traditional way of doing things, you can send us a cheque for £30  payable to Even Handed Licensing Limited and post it to:

Great Western House, Westover, Langport, TA10 9RB


Thank you.


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