The Leveller® in April

If they say a week is a long time in politics, it is a hell of a long time in the midst of what we are now to call a “pandemic”. Whatever exactly that really means.

A week ago we were totally focused on getting out our March edition. That edition is now fully distributed and available in all of our usual outlets plus some new ones in Cheddar.

Yes or no?

Today however we are having to consider if there will be an April edition. The critical factors for us are twofold.

Firstly; will our printer have the capacity to print and more importantly deliver copies to us?

Secondly; will we have sufficient freedom of movement to deliver copies to our usual outlets. Indeed will those outlets even be open (we use a lot of cafes, pubs, libraries etc which in other European countries have been forcibly closed)?

All we can do for now is to take each day as it comes and keep you posted. If you know readers who do not have internet access, we’d be grateful if you would share this with them.


As you all know, The Leveller® is funded by advertising and inevitably, understandably, many events that would normally advertise with us have cancelled because the underlying event has been cancelled.

So if we do produce a copy in April, it will not be as large a paper as usual. As we are an independent newspaper and not cross funded with other sources of income, we have to cut our cloth to ensure we can secure our future.

We’d like to apologise in advance for that, but hope you’ll understand this is a short term measure until some form of normality returns.


We remain as committed as ever to bringing you news in the way we have since we launched.  That means a solid commitment to hard copy news. Proper investigative news. Articles written in longer articles without tabloid simplicity and platitudes.

That means providing a trusted platform for our advertisers. Building a real community of local business and local readers. No bot accounts from BeloRussia here!

As soon as the restrictions imposed by Government are relaxed we will be back to normal. We will be using the time in between, to ensure when we do return to a normal sized paper it is better than before and reaches more outlets each month.

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