Bridgwater councillor defects again

Last year just after the council elections, the Leader of the Labour group on Sedgemoor District Council, Diogo Rodrigues defected.

At the time he sat as an Independent as a District and Town Councillor. Diogo was also a former Mayor of Bridgwater and one of the younger councillors in the county.

The Labour Group expressed disappointment at the time that having fought on their ticket and been supported by the party in May, by July he had decided he did not share the same values.

If that raised eyebrows in Sedgemoor, his latest move will raise them higher.

Rogrigues has now moved again, this time to join the Conservative Group, led by Cllr Duncan McGinty. Not surprisingly the Cpnservative Group are delighted. Cllr McGinty told us “Diogo is a committed councillor, passionate about helping people wherever he can. We welcome him to the Conservative Group to share his ideas and talent. We’re proud of our record as a Group and as a Council and Diogo’s support means a great deal. I very much look forward to working with him over the coming months and years.



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