Premature elation

The Conservative office in Somerset have added clairvoyance to their skillset. At 11.06 they sent out a press release expressing their delight that “Conservative county councillors in Somerset have today voted through a robust and positive budget and ambitious plans for the next 12 months“.

This was a statement of hope.

At 11.23 councillors were still debating an amendment to the budget and were running through points of clarification. If only we had got as far as a vote.

By 11.35 the amendment to the budget had finally been passed. But not until we had “enjoyed” an entertaining debate over whether or not the Leader, David Fothergill, should be allowed to vote. Apparently having left the chamber for the chamber pot, the rules suggest that this debarred him from voting on the amendment.

Whether this constitutes discrimination against councillors possessed of a prostate I am not entirely sure. But it is good to know all councillors have such important matters on their minds.

I am pretty sure given the current make-up on the council, that their forecast will prove correct!

And so – finally at just on the stroke of noon it proved to be correct. Perhaps the Somerset Conservatives could now tell us who is going to win the 3.30pm at Wincanton so we can all go off and secure our futures…..


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