Drive carefully if roads are flooded

In the aftermath of the storms at the weekend, take care if you come across flooded roads. Most motorists with fully-comprehensive car insurance should be covered for any storm damage caused by debris damaging their vehicle.

But what about driving through flood water. We’ve all seen it on the roads around the Levels. Hopelessly optimistic drivers getting into serious difficulty because the floodwaters were much deeper than they looked.

At present none of our local roads are blocked, but be warned. If you drive through floodwaters and come a cropper, your policy may not cover you.

Insurance comparison website Quotezone are warning that some car insurance policies include clauses advising policyholders not to drive through flooded roads. That means if you do and get stuck, you won’t be covered.

Greg Wilson, founder of  Quotezone explains: “Many motorists who hold fully-comprehensive may be unaware of the fact that some car insurance providers include clauses and policyholder guidance in their policy documentation that stipulates motorists must not drive the vehicle through flooded roads, and this clause is often present in fully-comp policies as well as less comprehensive levels of cover.”

You’d be well advised to check before you take a chance. This time the roads are relatively dry, but we’ve already seen a fair bit of flooding in the New Year and the chances are there is still more to come.

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