Wells City Council election results

The result of the election of two councillors for Wells City Council in the Ward of St Thomas was as follows:

Peter Nicholas Harlow The Green Party 226
Rachel Humphreys Liberal Democrat 559 Elected
Sebastian Alexander Johns The Conservative Party Candidate 378
Joseph Parker Liberal Democrat 470 Elected
Sarah Caroline Powell Wells Independents 319
David Swain The Conservative Party Candidate 404

Although the turnout looks exceptional, that is a bit deceptive as each voter casts two votes – one for each vacant seat. Even so that is a turnout of more than 1,000 votes.

Congratulations to Joseph Parker and Rachel Humphreys and well done to everyone else for standing and making it a decent contest.

Meanwhile the new vacancy that has arisen in the ward of St Cuthbert will also be decided by an election rather than by co-option. Something which always strikes us as good news.

There is just one vacancy and four candidates – all political candidates – and they are as follows:

Jasmine Emily BROWNE
Liberal Democrat

Mathew James COOLEY
Labour Party

Paul Francis CRUMMAY
Green Party (however the Returning Officer notes that: the particulars of the
candidate or the persons subscribing the paper are not as required by law)

Sean David Edwin SLOAN
The Conservative Party Candidate

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