Martock site does not flood

Last week a controversial Regulation Planning meeting approved a new housing development at Coat Road, Martock.

This application was identical in all material respects to one that Regulation had rejected in July and identical to one that Area North rejected last month.

Councillors lined up to vote along political lines. Five members of the ruling LibDem group were absent and sent in substitutes. There will be much more on the debate around due process in next month’s Leveller®.

For now it is worth noting that one of the concerns that residents raised at the time was that the site is prone to flooding. The concern was dismissed by the planning officer Simon Fox and failed to convince ten members of the Regulation Committee who all waived the application through.

So we thought our readers might be interested in the photos below which clearly shows that this is a site that would never ever flood under any circumstances. The photos were all taken in the past 48 hours.


Photos courtesy of Gordon Swindells (Martock Flood Warden)


  • Hope they’re building them on stilts.

  • Sylvia Helen Williams

    Unbelievably a Lib Dem Councillor from SSDC visited the site yesterday after the pictures appeared on Facebook. He has notthing to do with planning applications, so why was he there?

  • The field floods like this every winter

  • Oh this is so going to end in tears years done the line, but will anyone at SSDC be accountable after the event? Of course not, they have ticked the box, got the thank you from Westminster, so all is well.
    And next we’ll sign off another totally unacceptable couple of fields for another 120 houses, then some more and some more.
    The idiots are truly running the asylum at Brimpton Way

  • Can you get the someone from Environmental heath to get there? They could get it stopped with the excellent photos etc you have! Of the lake!

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