Vandalism in Martock

Martock Parish Council are offering a £250.00 reward leading to the identification and conviction of those that destroyed replacement lighting in Moorlands Carpark (by the Co-Op) in Martock.

The four lights which were replacements for previously damaged ones were destroyed on the evening of Monday 2nd December. The lights were only installed a month ago and are there to provide a safely lit walking route at night.

Parish Council Chairman, Neil Bloomfield said, “These lights aren’t cheap, and they are there for public safety. A few mindless idiots are spoiling things for the majority”.

Anyone with information on those responsible are asked to either contact the police on 101, Martock Parish Council on 01935 822891 or Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111.


  • Sylvia Helen Williams

    These people need to be found and made to pay for the repair. They are there for safety to all. If you know anything please report it.

  • The same crew might also be responsible for damage to cars in Steppes Meadow. Same night around 9.30/10 o’clock.

  • So gutted that some mindless idiots have damaged these again. It has taken a long time to replace them after last time and they are vital in making pedestrians from the Paul’s close area feel safe at night 😡

  • Put some cameras up they are cheap these days.

  • I agree disgraceful, cameras would be a deterrent.

  • I thought the reason behind Martock parish council increasing the precept for residents was to pay towards Atlas Security?
    Can’t say I’ve ever seen them patrol the village!!

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