Heavy response to Fire consultation

The Devon & somerset Fire and Rescue Service have postponed announcing the results of their consultation. Called “Safer Together” the controversial proposals involved cutting back the number of fire engines across Somerset.

The response to the consultation has overwhelming. And The Leveller understands mostly negative.

During the 12-week consultation, the Service received about 3,300 completed surveys, 700 written submissions, and five petitions.Ā All responses are being independently analysed by Opinion Research Services (ORS) who will provide the Authority with the findings from the consultation.

Because of this, the Authority meeting to review the results of the consultation and decide upon the future of the service, which was due to take place in early November, is now scheduled for Wednesday 18th December.

A cynic might conclude the service are planning to sneak the results out just before Christmas. A very cynical person might think this was because the plans will go ahead in despite the view expressed in the consultation. But happily we don’t have any cynics at Leveller Towers.

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