Not over yet

Although you would not have thought it, based on the announcement put out by Mendip District Council yesterday evening, the Morlands Travellers site saga is not yet over. A group of Travellers have occupied the Morlands site on the outskirts of Glastonbury for the best part of a decade during which time MDC have tolerated their presence.

Over the past 2 years the fate of the Travellers has been wandering around the court system, different courts, different judges as the case dragged on and on (through no fault of either MDC or the Travellers).

In a judgement given yesterday, 18 of the travellers based at the edge of the old industrial site, were told to vacate. They must leave the site by 4pm on September 27th.

However in the case of a further 12 of the Travellers the Court dismissed MDC’s claim for possession of the site on the grounds that making a possession order at this time would be a disproportionate interference with their Human Rights.

MDC have been given leave to appeal that decision if they are able to bring new facts to bear on the case. We will be reporting this in more detail in our October 15th edition.

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