Langport Town Council – now in meltdown?

Although no official confirmation has been given, a second public notice was posted today by Langport Town Council indicating a 7th vacancy on the council has occurred. Notice has been given that 10 electors have to request an election by 27th September or else a councillor will be co-opted.

However with just four councillors remaining, the Town Council is close to the point of being unable to operate effectively.

Under these circumstances the Town Clerk has the right to request that South Somerset District Council step in to appoint interim councillors until a by election can be completed, or if none is requested, until co-option can be completed.

The same section of local government law (s91 of The Local Government Act 1972 for those who like detail) was used in 2009 in Somerton when the whole Town Council resigned so it would not be surprising to see it used again here in Langport.

Under the circumstances this would now seem to be quite likely but we have not as yet, been able to confirm the position with the Town Clerk.

In the meantime, with four councillors remaining in post all of whom believe the content of the June Town Trust meeting should be made public, it is to say the least baffling to see that to date the minute of that meeting remains unpublished.

Given the circumstances of the last week, it is hard to understand how why councillors who have made an issue over public disclosure, have failed to produce a minute of the meeting for public consumption.

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