Turn Hill by-election

More interesting times at South Somerset District Council, where Conservative, Shane Pledger has suddenly resigned as the District Councillor for Turn Hill only a year and a half since the elections in 2015. Given the somewhat tight position of what is, technically at least, a hung council, this will most likely be a keenly fought contest.

Today the council has 30 LibDems, 26 Conservatives and 4 Independents, and so there is no absolute majority. It is therefore of some importance that the Conservatives hold onto Turn Hill if they are to deny the LibDems a majority, and a return to full control.

Turn Hill is an odd ward, not least I’m pretty sure that 75% of the constituents would struggle to tell you where Turn Hill is. It comprises most of the parishes of High Ham, Long Sutton Pitney and Aller.  Prior to be held by Shane Pledger for the Conservatives it was won by Rupert Cox who stood as an Independent.

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