Petrol theft at Langport

The police would like help to identify a man who may have information about making off without payment for petrol at Shires Garage in Langport, Somerset? The offence was committed on Sunday 19th October when the man, who was a front seat passenger, placed fuel in the vehicle and then made off without making payment. Unfortunately once again we are being notified about an incident nearly a month after it has taken place. The police would help themselves considerably if they would actually get this sort of information into the public domain within a week of the incident they want your help with.

You will also notice if you look the crime up on the Police website, that in their infinite wisdom the police have called Langport “Langford”! Rest assured we are talking about Langport and the Shires Garage reference is correct.

In the meantime you can view the CCTV footage of the person the police would like to interview by following the link below:,-langford,-somerset/

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